Fortnite - Battle Royale (Free Course)

Learn about this online game which is capturing children's attention worldwide

Course Introduction

This video provides an overview of the course and what is covered

Fortnite is an online game recently released that many of our children have started to play.

The multiplayer ‘Battle Royale’ is the most popular version of the game kids are playing and this is where there are up to 100 people playing the game at any given time.

This course will cover the following topics and is designed for parents who have children who are currently playing or want to play Fortnite

- What is Fortnite and why do kids love it so much. This covers the key features of Fortnite and how the game is played.

- Game Setup and Privacy settings

- How kids can play with their friends and form teams

- The Players lobby and in-app purchases (which is how Fortnite makes its money)

- Parental concerns. What are the key features of the game that parents need to be aware of.

- The latest updates to the game

Course Creator

Jane Webster
Jane Webster

As an experienced social media specialist, I’ve worked with many organisations and businesses to help them gain a greater understanding on social media to grow their business, raise brand awareness and engage with their clients.

However, in the last year I’ve started to notice just how many clients were now asking questions about other platforms that aren’t typically business apps, like Snapchat and Specifically around how their children are using these apps and what should they as a parent be doing about it. They’re eager to learn what risks or dangers they should look out for, should they even let their kids use these platforms, and frequently the conversation ended up with the age-old cry of frustration around ‘how on earth do I even use this app?!’

I get it, I’m no stranger to managing technology and kids, I have two children, a teenager and a tweenager.

I wanted a place that parents could go to be informed and armed with the tools required to support their children online, hence Code9 Parent was developed, as a resource for parents to gain the knowledge and insights to actively support their children on Social Media.

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