Instagram for Parents

Instagram is hands down the most popular social media app for teens, but why? Find out what you need to know in this course.

Course Introduction Video

Instagram is a breath of fresh air and it's fairly easy to use.

Its visual nature makes it appealing to everyone and that’s why it’s in the top three of social media apps

So its great news to the fairly tech unsavvy parents as its one of the simpler apps to use but there still concerns around the content, the conversation, and the connections that happen when using Instagram.

It can be very easy to tell down the rabbit hole of inappropriate content as its only ever a quick search away.

This course will take you through

- The key features of Instagram

- How to set up the app and use it

- How content is created and shared

- What, you as a parent, need to be aware of and what to look out for when your children are using Instagram

By the end of it you will be an Instagram master parent who can confidently say that you know what you need to know to keep your kids safe when they’re using Instagram.

Course Creator

Jane Webster
Jane Webster

As an experienced social media specialist, I’ve worked with many organisations and businesses to help them gain a greater understanding on social media to grow their business, raise brand awareness and engage with their clients.

However, in the last year I’ve started to notice just how many clients were now asking questions about other platforms that aren’t typically business apps, like Snapchat and Specifically around how their children are using these apps and what should they as a parent be doing about it. They’re eager to learn what risks or dangers they should look out for, should they even let their kids use these platforms, and frequently the conversation ended up with the age-old cry of frustration around ‘how on earth do I even use this app?!’

I get it, I’m no stranger to managing technology and kids, I have two children, a teenager and a tweenager.

I wanted a place that parents could go to be informed and armed with the tools required to support their children online, hence Code9 Parent was developed, as a resource for parents to gain the knowledge and insights to actively support their children on Social Media.

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