Why parents should join Code9 Parent

Our kids our digital natives. They’ve been born in an era where being online and connected to the greater world is normal and we’re the first generation parenting these digital natives. We didn’t grow up with social media, we don’t intuitively and instinctively use these platforms the way our kids do, and so we just don’t have the baseline knowledge to pass on to our children.

Whether you love it, or loathe it, social media is an integral part of the way people now communicate and collaborate.

Our goal at Code9 Parent is to get parents, caregivers, guardians, grandparents, teachers, anyone who is responsible for kids, skilled on the appropriate use of social media platforms. We want you to have enough knowledge that you can support your children, and to provide you with ongoing information and content on both current and emerging social media platforms.

Code9 Parent covers the key social media apps typically used by children in the 5-17 age bracket, by providing information and resources to inform, support and assist anyone parenting children in this age range.

As a Code9 Parent member you will have up to date information on these apps supplied in an easily digestible format. The Code9 Parent content library is grouped for easy access, and continually updated as the social media apps evolve, and as new ones come to market.

We provide you with all the tools at your fingertips, to understand the features and potential use of each social media app and how to manage what your children can do and be exposed to.